What happens if I don't check in?

Iamfine calls several times 

As the loved one, the service will call you at your chosen time.  If you don't answer or it goes to voicemail, we will try 4 more times in roughly 10 min intervals over the next 50 min. 

If you haven't checked in, we escalate

If you haven't confirmed after serveral calls (< 1 hour) the systems will alert  all members of the care circle  by email (always), SMS (optional) and/or by audio call (optional).

Then what happens

The care circle members are encouraged to go and investigate.  Once one of them has established if you are ok, they can check in on your behalf (via the link in the email) and include a message to advise the members of the care circle of the situation. Calls resume at the usual time the next day.

What if I still haven't checked in after 24 hours

Thereafter Iamfine will call once per day for 10 days If the loved one still does not respond the system will continue to alert the care circle.   After 10 days we cease calling , until such as time as you checkin again by logging into the website or calling into the system.

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