Only warn the care circle if I don't check in

Custom Care Circle Alerts

Each care circle can choose to receive an email (and or text message) every day when you check in.  This is optional and they can easily turn these daily messages off.  

The system will ALWAYS send an alert when a Loved One FAILS to check in, these messages cannot be disabled.

Care circle members can also enter their phone number and choose to receive an SMS text message when the lovedone checks in, or just went they are late checking in.

How to Alter the settings

Detail: Each care circle member can configure their own settings. This can be modified simply by clicking on the unsubscribe link in an a Wellness (daily) email or by the care circle member logging into the website and changing their own preferences as below:

Daily Wellness updates - (On or Off) When On - the Care Circle member will get an email EVERY time the Loved on checks in When Off - No daily wellness emails will ever be sent

Also receive a call if the loved one does not check in - optional

In addition to the default email warning, care circle members can also choose to receive an automated call if their loved one is late checking in.

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